Digital Natives vs Digital Immigrants

The term “Digital Native” and “Digital Immigrants” were first introduced by Marc Prenksy. Digital native is defined as native speaker of technology, fluent in digital language of computers, video games, and the Internet.… Continue reading

Generation Y on Facebook

The generation Y or some put it as the millenial surely has different ways of using social media. These so called digital natives convey different behaviors on the online spheres. The infographic below… Continue reading

Social Media Goes Vintage

Another version of vintage ads for the social media. Check it out! Do you think they are more interesting? ­čśë And also for other modern/technology-related products: via

Social Media War

What if Google+, Twitter, and Facebook are at war? These are the propaganda posters that they might make: via

I have just been Twitterized!

I stumbled upon this great website that generates infographic on your twitter data (how many tweets, followers, etc). All you have to do is just login with twitter, type your username, and… Continue reading

Facebook and Your Relationship

How Facebook affect you and your relationship? Here’s how: via

Internet is Everywhere

Infographic video by Proximedia : Internet is Everywhere

The Offline Facebook

Hilarious video by Hungry Beast. Check it out!

Awesome Twitter Facts and Stats


Alternative for Facebook Likes