What is SOCIAL MEDIA anyway?

I always wonder why they put ‘social’ in front of  ‘media’. Isn’t the media that we know is already social? Apparently not.

The ‘media’ itself refers to the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely. However, in everyday language, it also refers to the group of journalist/reporter/etc who use those means to report the news to the mass.  Apparently, it is now called plain ‘Media’  or some put it the ‘Old Media’

I personally think that the plain media is already social enough.  I mean it’s a bunch of people (okay, journalists/reporters)  sharing and reporting the news to the whole world. Sometimes it’s the truth they told, sometimes it’s so-called truth. But yeah, principally I think they are social enough. Guess what? I am totally wrong! It can get more social than that!

That’s when ‘New Media’ or social media comes along. Now the whole world can share/report not only news, but also, ideas and thoughts to each other, including to the ‘old media’ journalists too! 🙂 I guess it’s double dose of social, it’s the social of the social, that is why  the Social is inserted to the Media. And secondly, it is also social because we have come into The Age of Conversation where people are constantly having zillions of conversation online 24/7/365 or 6.

Well.. to put in short, Social Media is like the old media but it’s social – i.e. the means of communication are advancing in technology and increasing in numbers, also, the ‘source’ of the message is socially spread all around the globe!