Social Media is Like Teen Sex

My first encounter with social media led me to several philosophy about it. One of them is from Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist from Google

“Social media is like teen sex. Everybody wants to do it. Nobody knows how. When it’s finally done there is no surprise it’s not better”

And it got me thinking, if it’s indeed like a teen sex, probably the best way to do it is also like a teen sex that my parents always tell me.

1. It should be planned

Having red many articles on social media and being trained by some of social media experts, I was often told that having strategy on social media is the most important thing. You just could not establish some Twitter or Facebook account and hope they will be sufficient enough to connect with the public and created the fuzz. It should be planned step by step.

2. Be ready for the after effects

Social media could also be ugly. Negative sentiments are the examples of it. That is why we should be ready for them and probably had planned some ways to cope with it.

3. It could be messy

Absorbed as many knowledge as possible before practicing social media. Be organized and also try recognize the trends and tendencies in social media in order to prevent the messy-ness.

That’s what I think 🙂