The Tweeting Seat

Check out The Tweeting Bench designed by Chris McNicholl! It will take picture of people who are sitting down and help them to connect the people who use it in a virtual environment.… Continue reading

The Evolution of Bloggers

Ever wonder who were the early bloggers? Find the answers in the infographic below: Via

Portfolio 2.0

Hi peeps! I just decided to make an online portfolio! Click on the picture and check it out! 🙂

A World without Google


Fed up with your Facebook Friends? You are not alone

In addition to the graph above, the survey also found that these are the types of “annoying” Facebook friends that they have: 65 percent are friends with someone they’d call a documentarian—someone who… Continue reading

Do You Probably Need a Social Media Detox?

A great infographic to help you “re-discover” the almighty social media 🙂 See the original post here

Facebook Tshirt, Anyone?

Yes it is! :p

Another reason to love Ebooks!

Read the original post here

How To Be Awesome on Twitter

how-to-be-awesome-on-twitter A wonderful presentation by @princess_misia , informative yet achingly cute! 🙂

Facebook Comment – such a predicament..