The Fact about Facebook Games

Below is the infographic about Facebook Games stats. Enjoy! Original post here

Social Media for B2B

Click for larger image   Original Post here

Facebook vs Everyone

We have seen the competition between Google and Facebook on the last post. Now check out how Facebook fights everyone else in this cute infographic! Original post here

Google vs Facebook

So it goes the rivalry between Google and Facebook. Good thing that it is now available on the lovely infographic. Check it out! Original post here

Facepark – Facebook in the Park

Yet another way to make facebook comes to live.¬† Facepark is an initiative among a wide range of Diesel’s campaign “Be Stupid”. They want you to spend more time connecting with real friends… Continue reading

Nom Nom Nom

The Colors of the Web

A very nice colorful infographic about the colors of the web Orginal post here

The Hierarchy of Internet Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs on the online world. Check it out! Original post here

Just how massive is Google anyway?

Ever wonder how massive is Google? Check out the Infographic below: via Vizworld

Google Maps in the Real World

What if the icons of Google Maps appear on the real world? Some artists from “Taxi” imagines it to be like this: Fun, eh? Read the original post¬† here