How the Internet Works

Here is how the mighty Internet works: Original post: Infographic Magazine.

What Google Could Do (1998-2010)

Over the past years Google has progressed to be the expert in highly targetted ads. Check out the Infographics below and click to see the interactive (flash) graphic. Original post: Chart Porn

Facebook 500 billion users

Original Post: JESS 3.

Social Media Monopoly Board Game

When you think it could not get any geekier, the social media board game arrived. Check it out! The board: Mashable cards: Technorati cards: via Bite. Tweet up to play this anyone?

The Business Behind Facebook

\ via The Daily What.

The Internet in 2020

Ever wonder what will happen in the next decade on the online world? This infographic tells you exactly what. via Infographic Magazine.

The Twitter Mood Visualization

via Trendspotting Blog

Faux-Vintage Social Media

via The Daily What

Social Media Ups and Downs

via BBC UK.

Digital Media Revolution in Infographics

via Newsweek.