Incognito Mundus Google Chrome

I was not very familiar with Google Chrome browser until yesterday when I downloaded it. I heard it is the “rocket” compared to other browsers, such as Internet Explorer (duh?!), Firefox, Safari, and… Continue reading

Digital Natives vs Digital Immigrants

The term “Digital Native” and “Digital Immigrants” were first introduced by Marc Prenksy. Digital native is defined as native speaker of technology, fluent in digital language of computers, video games, and the Internet.… Continue reading

Social Media is Like Teen Sex

My first encounter with social media led me to several philosophy about it. One of them is from Avinash Kaushik, Analytics Evangelist from Google “Social media is like teen sex. Everybody wants to… Continue reading

We all want to change the world, so does social media

From tons of  articles that i have read so far, it has been said that the social media is changing the communication, it should used by all business, it should be the main… Continue reading

How to Maintain the ‘Social’ in Social Media

(ideas from Social indicates friendliness, companionship, and conversation. Apparently,  people tend to forget about them when practising social media. Here is how to keep the ‘social’ hangs around the social media: 1.… Continue reading

Social Media is Work

(ideas from socialmediatoday) Ever wonder why the tweets that you’ve sent did not generate any response from anybody? (I do 😦 ) Let’s turn the frown upside down because .. and also because…… Continue reading

Social media in pictures: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I thought social media is.. While in fact, it is… And from what I’ve heard, social media will bring…. But UH-OH! It will bring this too….. *Wondering what my supervisor is saying about… Continue reading

What is SOCIAL MEDIA anyway?

I always wonder why they put ‘social’ in front of  ‘media’. Isn’t the media that we know is already social? Apparently not. The ‘media’ itself refers to the means of communication, as radio… Continue reading

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